People Management System

Employee management & Core HR

We make managing employee information easier than ever before. No matter if it’s standard categories like payment information, personal details, or any custom data fields, you can store as much information as you want.

Employee management

All data in one place

RadixHR manages your employee profile, including documents, payroll information, attendance records, and third-party integrations, all in one place. You will be able to manage or update employee data easily because you will have excellent visibility into employee data.

Customise your employee digital profile

Every company is different and has its own requirements when it comes to employee information. RadixHR offers a great deal of flexibility with employee profiles, with ability to create custom record fields like T-Shirt size, favorite sports, or even a custom bio about the employee. You don’t need a separate spreadsheet anymore to keep track of additional data.

Customise your employee digital profile
Fully compliant

Fully compliant

Not everybody needs to know everything and keeping data confidential is important for each company. As we offer different levels of access rights and role management, you can prevent leaks of information while streamlining your work.

Customisable organization structure

Having an organizational structure is critical to all HR processes. Using our highly intuitive graphical interface, you can easily move your organizations and employees to provide a better overview of your organization structure.

Customisable organization structure

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