It doesnt take hours or days to process your monthly payroll, you can do it with RadixHR in minutes with just one click from our payroll page.

Automated payrolls

Each month's payroll can be calculated automatically as well as edited or deleted.You can see all the payroll related data for your organization at a glance using our intuitive interface.

Payroll groups

Create custom payroll groups to customize your employee's salary calculation. Payroll groups provide a range of customizable payroll options that can meet the majority of your payroll needs.


Payslips can be automatically generated and sent to employees via email, web portal, or mobile application. With our Flows engine, payslips can even be sent via communication apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.

Employee loans

RadixHR offers employee loans and repayment schedules and history management. With our payroll portal, employee loans can be easily managed and various reporting options are available.

More Features

Fines Management

Loans Management

Final Settlement

Salary Revision

Schedule Demo

Schedule a demo to learn more about payroll.You can always count on us for assistance.