Leave management

Leave management

Employees and management can submit leave requests quickly and easily using RadixHR’s leave management system. It is transparent to management what their employees are doing when it comes to their leave and schedules.


Easy & accurate

The RadixHR leave management system is simple and easy to use. With just a few clicks, employees can request vacation or time-off from the portal or mobile application. Managers can then see the conflicts and employee schedules to approve the requests even more quickly. Each action is notified to the employee and management that can even be customized to meet your company ‘s requirements

Customisable leave policies

RadixHR’s flexibility allows you to set your own leave policies according to the needs of your organization or group of people. It is possible to set the leave policy for allocation or accrual on our UI. The time for accrual can also be customized. Calculations of leave balances are automatic, based on the leave policy.


Approval chain & third party integration

With RadixHR, you have a flexible approval process that can be customized to reflect your organization structure. Employees and approvers will be notified of each step in the approval process. Our flow engine makes it easy to customize the notification or approval process action, and we support 100 + external integrations.

Supporting documents

You can upload supporting documents for leave from the leave request screen. The leave policy can be customized to enable or disable the document and request for leave.


More Features


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Leave Rollover

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