Time & Attendance

The attendance tracking is integrated with attendance devices and mobile apps. You can manage your attendance data and attendance exceptions easily, and your payroll can be integrated if needed.

Daily attendance management

The attendance data will be processed automatically based on machine entries or manually with our custom defined policies. Using this, you can calculate all the working hours, early outs, lates, over hours, short hours, and total working hours we need for attendance data. In addition to presenting data in various formats, our engine also allows you to export standard reports.

Daily Attendance Notification

Daily Attendance Policy

Advanced Analytics

Mobile & Cloud Support

Shift management

Not everyone has the same schedule. The RadixHR shift management system supports both regular and iterative shifts. Shifts can be set according to weekdays or by day numbers. Day numbers are useful for non-office hours work patterns. It is so flexible that you can customize the timing of the attendance process as well as the leave management.

Schedule Consistency

Easily Manage and Assign

Integration with Time Off Systems

Avoid Rotating Shifts

Weekly off and holiday management

Our schedule management system allows you to define holidays & weekly off. The holiday calendar supports multiple departments so you can assign it to each of them. By using weekly off allocation, even if the user's shift is not defined, the weekly off can be added dynamically for that user.

Third Party Integration

Automated Notifications

Customisable Calenadr

Overtime management

The overtime data is automatically processed by RadixHR when working beyond standard working hours. Using our attendance policy, you can configure the overtime and rate calculation details. The payroll process can be updated with the overtime information by using an integrated approval process.

Overtime Approval

Overtime Notifications

Overtime Limits & Thresholds

Overtime Policy System

More Features

Multiple Attendance Policy

Exceptions Request

Daily Attendance Management

Overtime Management

Weekly Off & Holiday

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